Lubricants That Beyond Today's Sandards.

Alandalus Lubricants

We produce the most innovated lubricants from Petro-Canada
for more than 350 products over 87 countries around the globe, our products starts with 99.9% pure base oils, lubricants that beyond Today’s Standards.
For more Durability & Better Performance.

Petro-Canada always develpos
the innovated products to fulfill the demands of the high Quality and performace that will help its customrs to find the solutions and help for :

  • Your Machine Protection
  • Maintinance cost Reduction
  • Increasing Production
  • Saving Your Money
Alandalus Company

Alandalus Company was established in 2012 as a partnership and is the only approved and certified

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    Petro-Canada Lubricants produces over 350 premium quality lubricants, specialty fluids and greases. We fulfill the needs of many of the world’s leading companies in virtually every industry in over 80 countries around the globe. Our products start from 99.9% pure base oils that go beyond today’s standards, delivering greater purity, durability and performance.


    71 Syria, Mit Akaba, Al Agouzah, Giza Governorate


    +2 (02) (382 44 551)